Meet the perfect jacket for weird weather

Going to the game? Wear one of these.

Weird spring weather is a thing.

In a 48-hour window, you might get a heatwave followed by snow (Hi, everyone in the Midwest reading this)

“What to wear when going to watch a game?”

“What if it’s chilly?”

The answer to both questions has been the same since 1983:

A Starter “white tag” jacket.

The satin material is surprisingly lightweight, making it ideal for milder weather conditions. If you run cold, one of these will keep you warm without making you feel overheated or weighed down, so you can enjoy the game in comfort.

White tag Starter jackets are a classic and timeless look that will elevate your game-day style.

The bold team colors and embroidered logos make a statement that shows off your team pride in a stylish and fashionable way.

See the white tag in the middle? That’s what you’re looking for.

Authentic vintage white tags add an extra level of cool and authenticity to your outfit that sets you apart from the crowd, whether you’re in the bleachers, in the skybox, or watching with friends at the bar.

Hailey Bieber wears Starter jackets!


Those who love classic #StraterJackets will treasure this! Coz classic goes everywhere.👌🏽 You're going to need more closet space.😝#gamedayoutfits


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