Vintage Depaul Blue Demons Starter Jacket


Vintage Depaul Blue Demons Starter Jacket

Product description

The vintage Big East is very missed by us here. This Vintage DePaul Blue Demons Starter Jacket is a cool piece from the 1990s featuring a retro feel!

Whether you're hanging out on game day or just wear it to the bar, this vintage sports gear features all the colors you love and are reminiscent of your favorite teams. Great for those who need cool clothes that nobody else has!

If you are a Blue Demons fan and you have to admit that your wardrobe is boring, then it's time to get a Vintage DePaul Starter Jacket.

The Starter brand is relatively hot now and they are cool jackets. These starter jackets have levels of value in the resale market according to condition, but this one is likely to hold a higher value than most, as DePaul Starter jackets are fairly rare.

This one comes in a that desirable light blue color DePaul used to use before shifting to a darker tone. The jacket is in what we'd call excellent condition, given the age and obvious wear it's accumulated.

Great for:

 - DePaul alums who want to look cooler than all of their friends

 - People who say stuff like, "more like the Big Priest, amirite?"

- Quentin Richardson. If anyone knows him, can you send this to him?  


  • Sometimes vintage clothing fits smaller than modern clothing. Please see the measurements to see how this item will fit you.
  • Please check the measurements carefully and contact us for any questions about this clothing before buying.
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